Gill Speaks : an alter ego's view of the world


In high school, during our senior week debauchery, one of my best friends gave me a nickname that stuck and helped define an alter ego side of myself.  I happened to be wearing a friend of mine’s green khaki hat that most resembled Gilligan’s.  Earlier in high school I came upon a part of me that opened me up.  It wasn’t just anger, it was that I just didn’t care anymore.  Not necessarily hopeless but a more free feeling flippant edge.  There was an element to that part of me that was funny and it felt good.

From this point on, the blog will be from Gill’s perspective.  It will often be things he hates, is bothered by, or must comment honestly on.  Sometimes there are things he is passionate about, but his perspective is often more focused on unabashed criticism of everyday life.  While my whole personality may not buy into all that Gill thinks and says, sometimes I do.  It’s important to know that Gill has a purpose and a perspective that isn’t always completely mine.  See for yourself.


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